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India's New Education Policy: Have you done your part?

Greetings! I am sharing an article, which was first published on LinkedIn on July 21, 2016. Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) is at the cusp of finalizing India’s educational policy. Have you read the draft document and shared your comments? The last date for submitting your ideas is July 31, 2016. (visit to access the document)

Coined National Educational Policy (NEP), the last one was developed thirty years ago. Referred as NEP 86, it was formally adopted in 1992. NEP 68 also known as the Kothari Commission report preceded NEP 86/92. NEP 2016 draws heavily from the “Report of the Committee for Evolution of the New Education Policy”, which was chaired by Mr. T.S.R. Subramanian.

Unfortunately, there has been a significant gap between NEP 68 and NEP 86/92 policy recommendations and actions by the central government and state governments. No wonder, the education system is in crisis. Would NEP 2016 be any different?

The winds of change are on the horizon. PM Modi is looking forward to the next elections and his legacy, and the some of the state chief ministers have an eye on the big prize. Irrespective of who wins and their legacies, the tidal wave of 20-26 million children who are born each year in India is upon us.

If India is to be ready for this tidal wave of tens of millions, then it has to transform its education system, especially its higher education system. In the next 35-50 years not only the system has to train 700 million to 1.3 billion young men and women for their careers it has to also prepare them for their lives.This is India’s defining challenge and opportunity of the 21st century!

To quote Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to do your part in shaping the future of the nation. Read NEP 2016 and share your thoughts with MHRD. Now.

(visit to access the document. Last date to submit isJuly 31, 2016) Regards, Shail Author, Building Golden India: How to unleash India's vast potential and transform its higher education system. Now.

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