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Do you care about India and its future? If yes, then this highly acclaimed book is a must read. The author makes the case that we can build a Golden India by transforming its higher education system and unleashing the potential of its 1.3 billion people. Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, Trustee, Deshpande Foundation, and Life Member, MIT Corporation has written a foreword for the book. 

With over 1/6th of the world's population, building a Golden India is not just critical for India and its people, it is just as important for the world. With 20-26 million children born each year in India, it is also an urgent issue.

Buy a copy for yourself. Give a gift to your friends. Donate to a library.


If education is the key to unleashing people’s potential, then higher education, which sits at a critical junction of the society and nation, is the master key. Higher education system includes universities, colleges, and vocational schools. Well prepared professionals in all walks of lives and a thriving research, innovation, and entrepreneurship ecosystem can unleash India's vast potential, address its mega challenges, and make its environment and economy more vibrant and sustainable — i.e. a Golden India.


In the next 35-50 years, India must educate and prepare 700 million to 1.3 billion young men and women for their lives and careers. This is India's defining challenge and opportunity of the 21st century!


So, how is India’s higher education system doing and how could it be transformed to better meet the needs of its stakeholders? The author addresses this central question in his book — Building Golden India: How to unleash India's vast potential and transform its higher education system. Now.


This easy to read book is thoughtfully structured with extensive research and compelling analysis rich with stories, anecdotes, and data. The book concludes with a roadmap and an action plan on how to transform India's higher education system, alongside an urgent call for action for all.

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